Screen Burning

Get custom screen burning service online!

We currently offer 2 types: Wooden 19″ x 22″ or Aluminum 20″ x 24″screen burning services online


Artwork Upload and Requirements

Please abide by these requirements to avoid any artwork charges on your screen printing, screen burning, or film output order. Artwork charges run $50/hr., so it is recommended that you follow these requirements closely to avoid any charges. Sending in artwork does not create an order. Please make sure to place an order prior to uploading artwork, and then provide that Order # in the Subject Line of the upload form.

Artwork/Design Checklist

  • Artwork should be sent 100% black and white. (The black will be the ink when printed)
  • Verify your artwork is set at the actual size you want it printed.
  • Make sure your .psd, .pdf, or .bmp file has a resolution of at least 300dpi.
  • All text layers should be rasterized or converted to outlines.
  • Multi-color images should have each color on a separate layer.